Can I bring my model?

If your model architecture is not supported within ENAP or you have a customized model for which you want to use ENAP Studio, please write it as a feedback in ENAP Studio or write a mail to We will contact you soon.

Do I need to have my own HW device for development and testing? Or will you provide me with a virtual device?

Yes, the user needs to have edge hardware for deployment. We do not provide a virtual device.

How do you ensure the security and integrity of my datasets and models? Can anyone access my models or datasets?

Datasets downloaded for training, are deleted on training completion and no part of the data remains with . No member of our team can view or download the data on the user’s behalf and have no access to any of the user’s datasets.  All the stored trained models are part of the users account…

What is the pricing or licensing model?

For Beta release, the ENAP Studio is available free of cost for a limited period of time. For future releases of the product, ENAP Studio shall be available for a monthly subscription fee. Full pricing and variants shall be published soon.