Which activities can be performed with ENAP Studio?

1. Training an AI model

Simple user interface to train various computer vision models with just few selections.  Select the model details, which prefills the default parameters like epochs and batch size for best training performance, upload the dataset, and begin training.

2. Optimizing an AI model

The trained AI model from the previous step can be optimized for the target edge hardware easily through ENAP Studio without compromising on the acceptable level of accuracy. Our proprietary optimizing techniques improve model performance and accelerate inference. 

3. Deployment of model

Seamlessly deploy the trained and optimized models with a click.

4. Model Zoo

Consists of pre-built and pre-optimized models for various tasks like hard hat detection, face detection, person detection, and vehicle detection which can be readily used.

5. Retraining and Model Versioning

With integrated MLOps, it becomes easy to maintain the retrained model versions.

January 12, 2022