ENAP Studio Beta Launch

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    We are excited to launch the Beta version of our platform!

    With the ENAP Studio Beta version, you will be able to Train, Optimize and Deploy AI models for Edge devices. You can also download the pre-trained and pre-optimized models from Model Zoo.

    With this release you can:

    1. Train and Optimize Deep Learning models for Computer Vision tasks of classification and detection
    2. Hardware and Models supported currently are:
      1. Hardware – x86 GPU, NVIDIA Jetson devices- Nano, Xavier, TX2,
      2. Models –  
        Classification –  ResNet, VggNet, DenseNet, SqueezeNet, AlexNet, MobileNet
        Detection – YOLO, SSD
    3. The trained and optimized models can be deployed on the supported edge devices
    4. You can deploy the Model Zoo artifacts for the hardware specified under each artifact
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